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Web Hosting FAQ

Why should I host with you?

We provide our customers with personal service, support, and reliable web servers with fast connections to the Internet. We provide an uncommon level of support for our customers, many of whom have no in-house staff or are unfamiliar with setting up and maintaining a website. You're never just a number with us.

How much space do I need?
It depends on how large your website is. One example of how much space a website requires . Our website is about 250 kilobytes which is less than one 1/3 of one megabyte.

How much transfer (bandwidth) is enough?
It depends on the size of your site and how much traffic your site generates. Using our site again as an example we can have as many as 30000 visitors a month viewing our entire site (which most don't) and still use less than 5 GB of bandwidth.

Why don't you offer unlimited transfer?
Traffic to a web site uses server resources and bandwidth which costs a hosting company money. A company that offers unlimited transfer at a low price would not be in business for very long. The Terms of Service of most of these companies state that customers who use "excessive resources" will be required to upgrade to a more expensive plan.

How am I billed for hosting?
We automatically bill the credit card on record for your account. You will be billed on the date that you open your account and again every month for as long as you host your account with us. For example, if you open your account on March 10 you will be billed on this date every month on the 10th.

Can I pay by check?
Yes. This is one of the main reasons we use Paypal. They allow you to pay with your checking account and it's free to sign up.

Can I upgrade my plan or features later?
You can upgrade your plan at any time without fees (except for the difference between your current plan and the plan you wish to upgrade to).

Do I have 24/7 access to my account?
Yes. All of our customers have continuous access to ftp and control panel.

Do I need a domain name before I sign up for hosting?
Yes, you must have a domain name before signing up for hosting. If you don't have one you can purchase one at our domain site for $8.95 or less (price depends on TLD: .com .net .org .us etc). You can pay for your domain with your credit card, checking account or with PayPal. If you purchase a domain from us you get your first month of hosting for free.

What are e-mail aliases?
An e-mail alias makes it possible to have e-mail forwarded from one address to another. Example: You could have e-mail that is sent to forwarded to You could also have e-mail sent to forwarded to

Do you provide a cgi-bin directory?
Yes. You have unlimited access to your own cgi-bin.

How do I know how many visitors come to my site?
Your site comes with 3 statistics packages installed. You may view your statistics via the control panel.

How long is it before my site is available on the Internet?
Once you have updated the name servers on your domain it generally takes 24 to 72 hours before all of the name servers around the Internet are updated.

How do I upload files to your server?
Upload files either through the File Manager provided by the site administrator control panel or by using an FTP client.

Do you offer backup?
We only backup system areas of our servers, not customer files/sites/emails, etc. You are encouraged to keep backups of the files you upload to the server or to use the backup facility provided in your account control panel.
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