web hosting for small business   Our Network was Built for Ultimate Performance and Reliability.
Network and Server Information

Data Centers
VermontWebHost.Com utilizes two data centers that offer exceptional availability, performance and throughput for our servers.

24/7 Server Monitoring
Both data centers are staffed around the clock to ensure the networks are operating in an optimum state. IT staff continually review collected statistics to watch for traffic trends so that they can react with the proper routing adjustments and bandwidth addition.

Redundant Power Supply
Reliability exceeds 99.999%. Clean, consistent power via switchgear UPS systems, multiple feeds and generator backup all ensure a consistent supply of power to the facilities.

Redundant Internet Connections
Both data Centers are connected to the internet via multiple OC-12 connections to over 75 diverse providers, making sure your data can be reached, viewed, updated, and accessed with incredible connectivity and network strength.

Environment Control
Consistent temperature and humidity ranges in both Data Centers are maintained by redundant cooling systems.

In additional to the on-site security staff, both data centers utilize state-of-the art security measures and firewalls.

VermontWebHost.Com Servers
All of our servers are built with top quality components.

Minimum specs for all of our servers:

3 GHZ Processors or better
2 GB of ram or better
WHM / Cpanel
Hardware and Software firewalls running on all servers protecting against outside attacks
Regular software updates

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